The Chinese Classical Poems

As with philosophy poetry has been an integral part of the Chinese identity for many years.
The beauty and harmony of spirit found within these short yet pithy verses is found nowhere else.

The following examples are typical:


Watching the waterfall at Lushan
Li Bai (701-762 AC)

In sunshine the Censer Peak breathes purple vapour;
For off hangs the cataract, a stream upended;
Down it cascades a sheer thousand feet,
As if the Milky Way were falling from Heaven.

To a Friend

To a Friend
Wang Wei (701-761)

You have just arrived from my hometown,
And should know what is happening there;
When you came, had the winter plum tree
Before my latticed window blossomed yet?

Chinese Peasant

The Peasant's Lot
Li Shen (772 - 846)

Hoeing the grass under the noonday sun,
His sweat drips on the ground beneath.
Who knows that on the dining plate,
Every single grain means hardship.

Many of these writings have lasted for 1,500 years or more and it is a tribute to their authors that they remain as true and valid comments upon social life in all cultures even in the present day.
Such values and ideals thus portrayed are part of a national character unknown anywhere else in the world.